We are committed to promoting high-quality patient care: Read our COVID-19 protocol

In case you were wondering, Midtown IS OPEN and prepared to help you get the most out of life is a safe manner. Chiropractic and the Midtown Methodology is all about pain relief and wellness. We recognize that these uncertain times can reduce your amount of physical activity or push you back to old habits that affect your health. This is why we want you to keep visiting our office and keep getting your routine adjustments following the protocol outlined below:

  1. Temperature checks: once you get in the door, our team takes your temperature and asks you a few general questions to assess your risk level.
  2. Frequent wipedowns: all of our care and high traffic surfaces are cleaned between patients
  3. Wear a mask: we want to take care of your pain and reduce the risk for all of us, this is why we require you to wear a mask while receiving treatment

Chiropractic is key to navigate the emotions that come with uncertainty.

The uncertainty that comes with the coronavirus pandemic can generate strong emotions that block the brain/body connection. When that happens, pain flares can come up and create dysfunction. We are here to help you function. Never forget that whatever life throws, we got your back.

Chiropractic can help avoid a risky visit to the emergency room.

Several kinds of pain can be confused with symptoms of more significant ailments that can lead you to visit the emergency room.

Remember, we can help relieve the following types of pain:

  • Chest pain (Did you know that 25-45% of non – specific chest pain has a musculoskeletal origin?)
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Low back pain
  • Strains of neck
  • Strains of low back

At Midtown we focus on you. Let us help you manage your pain by teaming up for optimal health, safely.


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