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At Midtown Clinic, we excel in continued care for you and care for your baby from the very start. Both mother and baby can often need a little tender care, and our team of specialist team can provide chiropractic sessions to ease mother and baby through the transitions of pregnancy, birth, and early life.


Pregnancy Care

Saying a woman’s body goes through some changes in pregnancy is something of an understatement. Changes include softening of ligaments, weight gains, postural alterations, and pressure on many joints around the body.

Back pain is widespread in pregnant women. It affects around 70 percent of expectant mothers and is caused by several factors, such as incorrect joint mechanics or muscle imbalances during pregnancy.

These imbalances can put unnecessary strain on the lower back area, leading to severe complications later down the line with such long-term conditions as sciatica.

Our staff is well trained and available to help relieve these stresses through massage and gentle manipulations. We can alleviate many of the discomforts of pregnancy to help you regain your shine. We know it’s essential to be able to relax throughout this important time.

We promote early treatment of any issues to ensure they do not develop into these more severe outcomes and alleviate the pain or discomfort you may be feeling now. We know that you deserve the best care possible. And the same is true for your little ones once they are born.



When issues arise, gentle chiropractic treatments can improve your baby’s early quality of life and help ease them through their early years. Babies’ skeletons are incredibly delicate and, as such, require extreme gentleness.

While everyone is familiar with the audible pop of spinal manipulative therapy on adults, they may be skittish about bringing a small child to a chiropractor. Rest assured, there is none of that when we’re handling your little ones, and we use only age-appropriate methods that can ease a range of childhood problems. These include:

Colic Relief

Colic can cause babies to cry relentlessly and become very difficult to settle. This can be very hard on the baby and the parents. Colic is caused by abdominal pain, potentially due to underdeveloped gastric tracts. It is most common during the first six to eight weeks of life and often lasts for three to four months. It’s a common issue, with 1 in 4 babies experiencing colic. Chiropractic care has been shown to reduce the number of hours parents report colicky babies, which translates into less time listening to an upset baby, and more time relaxing with their child. Gentle, relaxing manipulations stimulate nerve flow to the small intestine and increase the wave-like movement of the muscles within the gut, aiding the motion of fluid and gases through the digestive tract.



Torticollis is the cause of some babies having their heads tilted down or to one side. Torticollis is caused by problems with neck muscles, often due to awkward positions within the womb or complications during labor. This problem can be evident at birth or present itself once the neck muscles begin to strengthen. Chiropractors will gently adjust the neck and massage the muscles to relieve the tension and allow the tilt to dissipate over several sessions. By doing so, the neck can develop correctly.


Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease / Acid Reflux

Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease, the common cause of acid reflux, results in babies spitting up regularly and becoming fussy after eating due to discomfort. We gently manipulate the spine and neck, using no more force than a thumb lightly pushed against the baby’s skin. By doing so, the nervous system is stimulated, which aids in developing the upper valve of the stomach, helping to stop acid reflux in babies.


Difficulties Sleeping

The experience of labor and birth is a stressful experience for both mother and baby. Babies can sometimes struggle to sleep, in turn torturing their mothers. Our doctors can stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system through extremely gentle manipulations, responsible for rest-and-digest activities that occur when the baby is at rest. This helps trigger a sense of calm to allow the baby’s nervous system to relax and rest easier.



At Midtown Clinic, we often work with referring medical professionals, and we’re experienced with working with children of all ages and all abilities.

Of course, chiropractic care isn’t just for babies. As infants grow into toddlers, young children, and teenage life, their spines go through many forms of stress. This is especially true in the early years as they learn to crawl and then walk, and again as they become more independent and involve themselves in rough play and sports. We can provide care to ensure your child’s spine and posture remains aligned through these many years.

If you are looking for the best West Palm Beach pediatric chiropractor, contact Midtown Clinic. Our patients trust our doctors and team with themselves and their loved ones. Whether you are expecting or have a little one at home, we offer expert care for families.

It is also important to know that if you are a Florida resident with auto insurance, you are covered for care through your policy. Although some people have more coverage than others, under Florida law med pay is required and already built into your auto insurance. What this means is that even if you are the at fault driver or it was a no fault accident, those circumstances won’t keep you from receiving care if you need it. Resources and recommendations are available for every person who walks through our door.

At Midtown, we treat every patient on a case-by-case basis. This ensures that we can help prevent long-term suffering for our patients. Both Dr. Francisco Colon and Dr. Sebastian Colon have been treating victims of physical trauma for 10 years. The staff is comforting and knowledgeable and the Lake Worth/Lantana and West Palm Beach/S. Dixie locations are conveniently located. This video from the Docs goes into some more things you can expect after an injury caused by a car accident.

If you have any questions at all, or to see the Docs, call or come into either location!

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