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We offer long-term relief

for people who are experiencing pain, discomfort or have not been successful at managing the progression of degenerative disorders of the spine, joints, and nervous system. Above all, we focus on educating our patients on the importance of caring for themselves before injury, illness, or disease. Our services and techniques are results-driven, meant to reduce pain, increase mobility, and have you enjoying life again.

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Chiropractic Care

Our doctors correct spinal misalignments caused by trauma, overuse, or neglect. Damage to the affected joint(s) can be managed using various techniques catered to the patients’ age, needs, and condition. Coordinating manual chiropractic, or instrument adjustments will ensure a safe and complete chiropractic program to meet your needs.

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Corrective Exercises

Misused muscles often lead to injury. Complementing exercises to your adjustments is the next logical step. Why? They provide two benefits: aid in the correction of inappropriate spinal curvatures while maintaining the newly formed healthy spinal patterns. This approach enables you to maximize your treatment and continue the journey to improve your quality of life.

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Lifestyle Advice

Lifestyle advice is essential for injury prevention. Curving and modifying some of your lifestyle choices and habits is paramount to achieving long term results and stability. Let’s equip you with the right tools and identify troublesome patterns.

We’re on your corner! When you have a spinal condition, you need people guiding you through the best ways to manage it and help you delay more severe symptoms that lead to surgery. So, trust us, whatever life throws at you, we got your back.

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Massage Therapy

Muscles have a significant influence on spine care. Flexibility, scar tissue, inflammation, overuse, spasm, and old injuries, among others, affect how your spine works. This is why we have catered programs that include regenerative, feel-good massages. Plus, who doesn’t love getting pampered?

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Motor Vehicle Accident Treatment

Did you know that a small fender-bender can cause significant spinal injury? Even a crash that happens at slow speeds can also result in whiplash, concussions, herniation bulges, and damaged ligaments. Our clinic works with the patient, motor vehicle insurance, attorneys, and other specialists to get the right diagnosis and treatment course. This will help you put this injury behind you as best as possible.

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