We perform a comprehensive exam on the first visit to help us understand your body, how you move, and what your goals for care are. Each of our treatment plans are customized. This means that you’ll be getting the most targeted care possible as well as treating your body as a whole.
When a person hears the words chiropractic care, they often only think of care related to spinal discomfort. Here at Midtown Clinic of Chiropractic we focus on each patient's individual needs. Our doctor's have over 12 years of experience with sport related injuries and discomfort.
Some signs that your body is not performing at it's best are:

Burning/dull pain
Muscle Pains/spasms

Whether your training like an Olympian, or just getting started, there's no better place to get the care you need.

Sports Injury


Whether training like an Olympian or just getting started, there is always the risk of injury caused by exercise. Sometimes these are apparent issues, such as a sprain or strain. Other times, the problem can creep up on you. If you are experiencing swelling or inflammation, headaches, dull pains or burning, muscle pains or spasms, you could be suffering from a sports-related issue.

Sports injuries can be particularly frustrating as they prevent you from doing what you enjoy – sports! Injuries, such as those listed above, can leave people feeling old, uncompetitive, and unfit. But the truth is that with care and treatment, you can be back on the pitch or running through the open countryside before you know it.


Chiropractors are specialists in treating soft muscle injuries and realigning joints to aid the body’s recovery. We treat musculoskeletal injuries through sports therapy for soft tissue injuries. At the same time, treatment of the spine and other joints is carried out through careful chiropractic sessions, diagnosing and manipulating misalignments.

While back pain remains the most common issue we see at Midtown Clinic. In addition, we see patients suffering from shoulder, ankle, and knee injuries. Whatever sport you enjoy, whether professional or weekend player, you deserve to be able to continue with your passion at the top of your game.

To help find and then treat the cause of your pain, you will receive a full consultation with a Doctor of Chiropractic. We perform a comprehensive exam on your first visit to help us understand your body, how you move, and your care goals. We assess you with neurological, orthopedic& blood pressure tests, and a spinal scan, among other tests. Depending on the nature of your injury, we may also use X-rays

Our treatment plans are always personalized to you to ensure you get the most targeted care possible and treat your body as a whole.

We are experts in the rehabilitation of sports injuries and will provide advice and treatment to prevent reoccurrences of the same damage.

Sports therapy is not utilized only by those who have been injured. Many athletes use sports chiropractic to aid in the prevention of future injuries and improve function and mobility. Improvements in posture and muscle balance, in addition to the treatment of overused areas, can help athletes to optimize their performance.

If you are looking for the best West Palm Beach sports chiropractor, contact Midtown Clinic. We work with athletes to heal faster and improve overall stability, endurance, and range of motion.


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