We perform a comprehensive exam on the first visit to help us understand your body, how you move, and what your goals for care are. Each of our treatment plans are customized. This means that you’ll be getting the most targeted care possible as well as treating your body as a whole.
When a person hears the words chiropractic care, they often only think of care related to spinal discomfort. Here at Midtown Clinic of Chiropractic we focus on each patient's individual needs. Our doctor's have over 12 years of experience with sport related injuries and discomfort.
Some signs that your body is not performing at it's best are:

Burning/dull pain
Muscle Pains/spasms

Whether your training like an Olympian, or just getting started, there's no better place to get the care you need.

News & Articles from our team!

Back to School Best Practices

Being proactive about your child’s spine health is proven to be imperative to their overall wellbeing, focus, and academic performance. Dr. Francisco Colón, a parent and doctor in West Palm Beach, says that getting regular scoliosis checks before complaints begin help ensure that your child doesn’t suffer from misalignment issues. These issues typically go undiagnosed …

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Exercising After An Injury

Should You Exercise After an Injury? When your muscles and joints are sore and strained from an injury, hitting the gym probably doesn't seem like a very good idea. Although full-out workouts could potentially worsen your condition, moderate exercise may be just what you need to speed the healing process. How You Can Benefit from …

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Electrotherapy and Pain Relief

Electrotherapy Offers Natural Pain Relief Do you struggle to keep your pain under control? Over-the-counter prescription medication relieves symptoms but often causes nausea, dizziness and other side effects that make working, exercising, or taking care of your family difficult. Electrotherapy may offer a better way to manage your pain. How Does Electrotherapy Work? Electrotherapy prevents …

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