What is sciatica?

What is sciatica and where is relief found?

Let’s talk about sciatica and some common symptoms. Sciatica is a condition where the sciatic nerve in your lower back becomes irritated and causes pain, numbness, or weakness to one of your legs. In severe cases, the knee can lose strength and can cause a buckling feeling.

The sciatic is one of the many nerves of the leg and one of the biggest nerves of the whole body. It is made up of many small nerves that start from your lower back and run through your hips and down to the legs. The sciatic nerve then branches out into the different areas of the leg, so if you feel pain in one area it can be due to irritation or pressure on any part of this one large nerve.

Just like any body part, trauma can be a part of nerve irritation and inflammation. Outside of trauma, sciatica can be triggered by compressive forces, such as, muscle pressure, herniated or bulging discs, as well as piriformis syndrome which is when the sciatic nerve becomes compressed due to tightness or goes through your piriformis muscle. Pregnancy can be a common reason for sciatic nerve pain and many expecting mothers are seen at our clinic for management of pregnancy-related sciatica. Tumors and infections can also play a role in nerve irritation and inflammation. These should be ruled out.

Chiropractors can help with sciatica.

First, you need an adequate and accurate diagnosis. Differentiating between other conditions that have similar presentations, such as facet syndrome, or hamstring injury is of paramount importance for timely results. Second, taking X-rays might be necessary to rule out other complicating factors. Third, we have to reduce inflammation, improve alignment and balance of the lower body. Finally, strengthening weakened muscles is important to prevent relapse of the condition. Most patients that have recurring bouts of sciatica oftentimes benefit from maintenance exercises as well as wellness adjustments and checkups to keep some degenerative and repetitive situations at bay.

Chiropractic techniques and adjustments can help relieve irritation by easing pressure on the nerve that runs through that area of your spine.

Sciatic irritations and sciatica cases come into our chiropractic offices regularly. Although this condition can progress to the point where it might need surgical intervention, most cases resolve when managed adequately and we have a great success rate with the treatment of nerve pain and sciatic discomfort. It is important to remain both proactive and diligent with a condition like this to stay ahead of any flare-ups and to keep it from becoming a persistent issue.

You might be asking yourself, can I get any mild relief at home? Yes. There are a few simple stretches and core stabilization techniques that a person can do to gain some relief as well. Doctor Francisco Colon out of the West Palm Beach location suggests that a Dead bug exercise and Bird Dog exercise (pictured) can both help relieve some built-up spinal tension. Crunches are a great and easy technique for getting your core to a stable place.

Most importantly, there is hope for anyone struggling with sciatic pain! Staying diligent about treatment offers a leg up. One of our long-time chiropractic patients out of the Lantana/Lake Worth office said “I was so sick with sciatic pain before visiting Midtown. Ever since the doctor started my adjustments, I am feeling so much better. My spine was curved and my body was in constant pain. I feel like a different person now!”.

To best treat your pain, it is always paramount to know what you’re working with. To schedule an appointment, call or stop into either of our offices in Lantana/Lake Worth and Dixie Highway/West Palm Beach. Whatever life throws, we got your back.

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